What does your dog’s body language mean?


Understanding your dog’s body language is essential to building a truly strong bond with your four-legged friend. The following 14 illustrations will help you better understand your pet or any other dog.

If he waves his tail

If the dog waves its tail, it does not understand what is happening and asks you what you want from it. When the removal is very fast, it means that the dog acknowledges that you are in command.

Upright, slightly trembling tail

The dog questions your authority because he already believes that the responsibility in the situation is his.

Curled tail between hind legs

This is a sign that the dog is scared, afraid of possible pain or feels uncomfortable. If there are no obvious reasons for this, you better take your pet to the vet.

Eyes wide open, watching everything with great attention

In this way, the dog tries to attract your attention. He challenges you and expects you to answer him.

The dog blinks often

That means it’s ready to play. But if it blinks too often, for no apparent reason, there may be an eye problem and you should take it to a veterinarian.

The ears point upwards or slightly forward

The dog is trying to show you that he is curious about everything around him at this time.

The ears are bent towards the head

Your dog is scared. Sometimes your pet can squeeze only one ear (usually the left). In this way, dogs react to strangers they are afraid of.

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Yawning means that the dog is angry and nervous. Puppies yawn often when surrounded by unfamiliar dogs. But when your dog yawns after you’ve done it, it means he’s very attached to you.

The dog licks his face

The dog does this when he is stressed or under pressure and feels some danger.

He shows his teeth without growling

This means that the dog is defending its territory. Dogs usually do this while eating.

The dog rolls and shows his belly

The dog shows that he trusts you and wants to make you happy. If you scratch your dog’s belly, it means that you are happy with his behavior.

The dog puts his head on your knee

This means that the dog wants to get your attention and tell you that he needs you. If he touches your hands with his nose, he wants you to stroke him.

The dog puts a paw on your knee

If the dog does this with a smug look, he is trying to show his dominance. In this situation you have to look the dog in the eye and take off his paw.

The dog raises its front paw

This means that your dog wants something from you. Maybe he’s hungry or wants to play. Sometimes dogs do this (especially hunting dogs) when they have seen something interesting.

Your dog turns his back

This means that your four-legged friend trusts you.

The dog trembles or shakes its fur

In this way it releases the accumulated tension.

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