If You See Mad Kittens, Better You Take Their Demands Seriously, Here Is How Serious They Look Like!!

kittens are among the cutest being and they are very cuddly, and irresistible.

BUT, If you upset them you shall see their bad side.

Then they become fluffy little demons who stare into the pits of your soul. in a funny way most of the time.

The list of things that can tip a cat off is practically endless; strange people, new surroundings, and other cats are a few common culprits. If your precious kitten is having a bit of a mood swing, though, the best thing to do is just to give them their own sweet space for a while, and save yourself from the threat of gaping scratch and bite wounds. Of course, a few treats to seal the deal can’t ever hurt. A small kitty can get tired and hungry after such intense emotions, after all!

Here’s a list of 30 furbabies who are just Not in the mood, and what they probably want to say.

you may actually find them representing how you feel most of the time. Enjoy!!

Can I Get Some Privacy Here?!!!

Don’t Even Think Of Following Me!!!

Sabri Keleş

I am The Boss Here, Bring Me That Stupid Fish..!!


Ok… That’s Enough, Take Your Dirty Hands Off Me… Now!!!



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