How to find a dog that matches your personality and lifestyle

Many people choose a dog based on its appearance or the currently popular breed. But professional trainers and experts recommend paying more attention to other characteristics. They believe that everyone can be happy when a dog’s needs match the owner’s lifestyle. There are so many breeds in the world. And every four-legged friend needs a home. For this reason, we present you with some easy ways to find the perfect dog for you.

Guard dogs

If you want your dog to take care of your home, you should probably consider a Rottweiler, Doberman or German Shepherd. These breeds have an innate instinct for conservation. They do not trust strangers and protect the home from them.

Unsuitable breed:

Golden Retriever: These dogs are friendly and can greet any thief with a wagging tail and a slimy tongue.

Family dogs

The main place here is occupied by the Labrador and the Golden Retriever, as they love children and are always ready to play with them. And nothing makes them happier than running after the ball. If you think the dog is too big, then consider a beagle.

Unsuitable breed:

Pekingese – Dogs of this breed prefer to be the only children in the family.

Athletic dogs

If you run for health every morning and need a friend for training, consider getting an English Terrier or Setter. In case you want a smaller pet, bet on a Jack Russell Terrier.

Unsuitable breeds:

English Bulldog or Pug – they get tired of excessive exercise.
Dogs that are large and stocky – they can be too heavy and forced movement can damage their joints.

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Hugging dogs

If you want a four-legged friend who likes to sit on the couch while reading a good book or watching your favorite TV show, the French Bulldog or the Maltese is perfect for you.

Unsuitable breed:

All working dogs – they need a lot of exercise.

Dogs for people who live alone and do not have much free time

In general, dogs are quite a social animal. But some breeds are more likely to be left alone at home than others. Such are, for example, shar pei or basset hound.


Unsuitable breeds:

Golden Retriever or cars: they love socialization and need it.

Dogs for the elderly

If you are retired and can finally spend more time with your pet, choose a Boston Terrier, Pug or Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They attach extremely quickly and are very playful.

Unsuitable breeds:

Big dogs – are very active and need constant attention and exercise.

Dogs for apartments

Surprisingly, size does not always matter – temperament is important. If the dog is small, it does not necessarily mean that he can live well in an apartment. Consider a Yorkshire Terrier or an English Bulldog.

Unsuitable breed:

Chihuahuas – they are small but quite active.

Dogs for owners of many pets

If you already have pets, you need to choose the breed very carefully. Do this so that your four-legged friends get along well. Retrievers, cars and spaniels always enjoy company to play with.

Unsuitable breeds:

Terriers and fighting dogs – they are beautiful, but by nature can be quite competitive.

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Dogs that tolerate warm weather

Most of us love summer. But for some dogs, this is the most unbearable time of the year. Surprisingly, many short-legged breeds have a serious dislike for the tropical climate, not only because of their thick fur, but also because of their body size. In that case, consider a terrier.

Unsuitable breeds:

St. Bernard, Samoyed and boxer: have difficulty coping with warm weather.

Dogs for beginners

If you are going to own a dog for the first time, then choose a Labrador, Border Collie or Poodle. These breeds are very intelligent and relatively easy to train. Besides, they are not stubborn.

Unsuitable breed:

Schnauzer or terrier – require more patience.

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