How to find a cat that matches your personality and lifestyle


Choosing a pet is a difficult task. There are so many breeds in the world and it seems like the options will never run out. Here are some tips that can help you find the right cat for your personality and lifestyle .

For an exhibition

Do you like exotic cats? Then the Egyptian mau is just for you. This breed is characterized by a friendly temperament and strong independence. She is the only one who has naturally spotted skin. The Egyptian Mau is suitable for homes with many pets.

For a pet

If you are looking for a pet, bet on a Burmese. These cats are very easy to attach, they are extremely cute and friendly.

For families with small children

If you have children, choose ragdol. They are the “Labradors” in the feline world – very calm and tolerant. These animals love to play hide and seek and other games for hours. In addition, their fur is easy to maintain, so they will not cause you problems.

Cats like dogs

If you have always wanted a dog, but for some reason you can’t have one, the Burmese cat is the perfect solution for you. She is intelligent and very loyal. He also likes to be among people. Don’t be surprised if her yellow eyes greet you every day at the front door, just as a dog could.

For busy people

If you are too busy and know that your pet can be left alone for most of the day, choose a blue Russian cat. They are moderately active and her fur does not require special care.

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For experienced cat owners

If you fall into this group of people, then it is best to bet on the Bengal breed. These leopard cats are very playful, but just as independent.

Big cats

If you love big cats, Maine Coon is your choice. They are known for their friendly nature and patience with children. In the world of cats are known as “gentle giants”.

Small cats

If you are looking for a small cat, munchkin is just for you. She has shorter legs than the others and looks unique. The munchkin is one of the smallest breeds of cats in the world. Its representatives weigh between 2 and 4 kilograms.

Cats for beginners

If you are a new member of the cat club, manx may be a good option for you. They are very nice, carefree and social cats. In addition, they have an original appearance – they do not have a tail, which makes them very charming.

Cats for the elderly

Persian cats are perfect for you if you don’t mind taking the time to maintain their fur. These animals are very balanced and calm. In addition, they are extremely affectionate.

“Alien” cats

If you love science fiction movies, take the opportunity to have another creature of your own in your home and get a sphinx. Cats of this breed have a unique appearance, strange character and curious behavior.

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