Foods You Should Never Eat After Age 35

Unhealthy food is unhealthy at any age, but after we turn 30 our bodies become progressively less able to tolerate junk food. You may have already noticed that certain foods trouble you more than they used to. Or perhaps you are looking at the big 3-0 as a turning point after which you shouldn’t be as reckless with your health.
It’s smart to be thinking about this now. As you approach middle age, your risk of developing certain diseases also increases. Diet plays a huge part in the prevention of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, so eliminating some of the bad stuff ASAP greatly increases your odds of staying healthy. Following are 8 foods you should never eat after turning 30.


1. Fruit juice

As a child, you probably had a juice box tossed into your lunch each day and called it fruit. But even as an adult you may fall into the trap of thinking that juice is as healthy as fruit. It’s not. When juice is extracted from fruit, all the beneficial fiber is left behind. Fiber helps moderate the rate at which sugar is dumped into your bloodstream, so pure juice is going to hit you all at once.
Most commercial juices have added sugar, way beyond what is present in the fruit itself. They are also often pasteurized, which means that any heat-sensitive nutrients are destroyed before the product even hits store shelves.

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