9 Helarious Dogs That Believe in ” If I Fits I Sits And I Sleeps “.

Dogs are such interesting Animals, and sometimes they do super cute things. The one thing that Animals seem to be best at is finding a cozy place to rest, even if that place doesn’t appear to be the most comfortable spot.

Here are 9 Helarious Dogs that do just that :

I prefer the loft portion of my box.

imgur / SurferChick

Keeping newborn puppies in a box isn’t uncommon, especially when trying to potty train them. What is uncommon, however, is finding one of those puppies snoozing on his back in the top part of the box that you probably didn’t even know existed. Somehow, this pup was able to sneak his way into the wedge that you see here. By the time his humans found him, he was fast asleep. We seriously wonder how he got himself up there.

Just taking a little shnooze.

imgur / SurferChick

What could be cuter than a puppy in a sandal? This little guy has life all figured out — or so it seems.

Generally speaking, dogs chew on shoes, but this tired pup ended up falling asleep inside one. What’s not to love about this spot? The shoe is contoured to fit a puppy-sized body and the straps on the sandal provide a sense of comfort, you know, to protect from the bad guys.

I’m gonna read these, I swear!


There’s nothing like a good bookshelf, amirite? Just a nice place to store some of your favorite stories — and your dog. Wait. What?! Well, this pup decided that he would climb right on top of the books in this cubby and make himself right at home. We’re not totally sure how he got in there — or what made him think that he could get in there, but alas, there he is, just chillin’.

Life on the road is ruff.

reddit / aww

When your human owns a guitar, there’s no better way to get involved than to take a snooze in the guitar case. In fact, you probably didn’t know this, but a guitar case fits a golden retriever almost perfectly. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that was actually molded for the pooch.

Life on the road might be tough, but finding a place to rest your head is priceless.

Thank you, human, for my new bed.

reddit / simply_bg

If you’re a dog owner, you’ve probably noticed that dog beds are expensive. No matter which one you buy, you’ll end up buying a second, and maybe even a third. But did you know that your dog will be just as comfortable inside your plastic laundry basket? Well, neither did we!

This next animal also got himself cozy in an item that you can find around the house. So much for that pricey cat house you just bought…

It’s therapeutic.

imgur / SurferChick

Have you ever been so tired that you just fall asleep at the dinner table? How about in your food? This doggo couldn’t keep his eyes open long enough to walk away from his food bowl, so he just crawled inside and curled up. Surely that kibble is therapeutic for the back, right?

The best part is that if he wakes up hungry, he doesn’t have very far to find his next meal.

Whomever said ‘this is for the birds’ was dead wrong.

imgur / SurferChick

Well, this was supposed to be a bird bath, but it turned into a dog bed just as easily. This tired pup decided to take a break from chasing squirrels around the yard. He found the perfect place to lay his head — and he squashed his whole body in there as well.

And since we simply can’t get enough of napping dogs in “cozy” places, we’ve got another one lined up for you


imgur / SurferChick

Getting cozy in the car can be a challenge, but this pup figured it out with ease. Evidently, if you position your body just right on the side of the car door, you will be comfortable enough to sleep like a baby. Okay, okay. Maybe this won’t work for everyone. But it definitely worked for this fella, who got to snooze on this long car ride.

This next pup also found the perfect spot for a nap.

The cone of shame-less comfort.

reddit / kelldog24

It’s fairly common knowledge that animals hate wearing a cone, which is why it is often referred to as “the cone of shame.” However, this kitten found the perfect cozy spot to take a snooze, right inside the cone of her bigger dog buddy. It seems completely obvious that these two are the best of friends and that the kitten is just in there giving the pup some extra love. How precious is that?