9 Helarious Dogs That Believe in ” If I Fits I Sits And I Sleeps “.

Dogs are such interesting Animals, and sometimes they do super cute things. The one thing that Animals seem to be best at is finding a cozy place to rest, even if that place doesn’t appear to be the most comfortable spot.

Here are 9 Helarious Dogs that do just that :

I prefer the loft portion of my box.

imgur / SurferChick

Keeping newborn puppies in a box isn’t uncommon, especially when trying to potty train them. What is uncommon, however, is finding one of those puppies snoozing on his back in the top part of the box that you probably didn’t even know existed. Somehow, this pup was able to sneak his way into the wedge that you see here. By the time his humans found him, he was fast asleep. We seriously wonder how he got himself up there.

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