8 Helarious Cats That Believe in ” If I Fits I Sits And I Sleeps “.

Cats are such interesting Animals, and sometimes they do super cute things. The one thing that cats seem to be best at is finding a cozy place to rest, even if that place doesn’t appear to be the most comfortable spot.

Here are 8 Cats that do just that :

my bed is finally empty from that Human clothes .

imgur / S7ALK3R

There’s nothing like stretching out on a clothing rack. Talk about comfort! Evidently, this cat knows something that we don’t, but we’re just going to take his word for it. He has found his cozy spot and has fallen asleep, warmed by the sunlight pouring in through the window.

Something tells us it’s good to be a cat. A sleeping cat. A sleeping cat on top of a clothing rack. Sigh. What a life.

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