8 Helarious Cats That Believe in ” If I Fits I Sits And I Sleeps “.

Cats are such interesting Animals, and sometimes they do super cute things. The one thing that cats seem to be best at is finding a cozy place to rest, even if that place doesn’t appear to be the most comfortable spot.

Here are 8 Cats that do just that :

my bed is finally empty from that Human clothes .

imgur / S7ALK3R

There’s nothing like stretching out on a clothing rack. Talk about comfort! Evidently, this cat knows something that we don’t, but we’re just going to take his word for it. He has found his cozy spot and has fallen asleep, warmed by the sunlight pouring in through the window.

Something tells us it’s good to be a cat. A sleeping cat. A sleeping cat on top of a clothing rack. Sigh. What a life.

Camouflage at its best.

imgur / S7ALK3R

Who knew that bathroom sinks were cozy spots for cats to curl up in (as long as there’s no water involved, that is). This kitty decided to fill up the sink for a midsummer’s day snooze. We’re really hoping that no one accidentally went to wash their hands, otherwise this pretty kitty would be seriously ticked off.

This next cat would also be ticked off if the item she chose to sleep on got turned on.

Anybody want some pretzels?

reddit / hansolomn

Now, this is what I call a party mix! There’s nothing like having a bunch of friends over to watch football, putting out a big container of pretzels, and watching your cat do something totally hilarious. We’re willing to bet that no one wanted to eat pretzels after this cat’s antics, but we are also positive that everyone at that football party had an absolute howl over this.

How long are you going to stay in there, bud?

the cutest kitten in a boot.

imgur / S7ALK3R

Well if this isn’t the cutest kitten in a boot that you’ve seen all day! There’s nothing quite like putting on warm, fuzzy winter boots when it’s chilly outside, but when your cat has used them as a place to cozy up, you might just be stuck wearing sneakers. Who would want to both this little guy, anyway?

And he’s not the only animal on this list that has found a cozy chill spot inside of a shoe…

It’s a paver life for me.

imgur / kharzul07

Next time you’re walking down the sidewalk and you notice a brick or a paver missing from the walkway, we encourage you to keep an open mind about it. Maybe the city decided not to replace the missing stone because a certain cat has claimed the spot as his or her new resting place.

Speaking of resting place, this next big cat has his own ideas when it comes to a throne. He seems happy with his decision.

Just my size.


We’re not totally sure how this cat ended up inside what appears to be a fish tank, but he’s in there and he’s all squished up against the sides. We also can’t imagine this being comfortable for any animal, but this kitty doesn’t appear to be bothered. No word on how long he stayed in there, but we would have paid good money to see how he managed to get himself out.

That grill life though.

imgur / S7ALK3R

Did you know that your outdoor grill is actually multi-purpose? Not only can you cook up some serious hamburgers and hotdogs, but you can also use the racks for sleeping. That is, if you’re a flexible feline looking for a cozy spot to take a nap.

This cat doesn’t have a worry in the world. Probably because she has no clue just how hot things can get with the turn of a button or two. Be careful, kitty!

The cone of shame-less comfort.

reddit / kelldog24

It’s fairly common knowledge that animals hate wearing a cone, which is why it is often referred to as “the cone of shame.” However, this kitten found the perfect cozy spot to take a snooze, right inside the cone of her bigger dog buddy. It seems completely obvious that these two are the best of friends and that the kitten is just in there giving the pup some extra love. How precious is that?

Who the heck is the cat in the hat?

reddit / companionmadie

This kitten couldn’t be snugger if she wanted to be! Forget the “Cat in the Hat,” this little baby is the cat in the sock — and she’s loving every second of it. We can’t help but wonder if her human helped her get into this article of clothing, but she doesn’t appear to be fighting to get out , and why would she??!!! She is super cozy in there, all ready for her afternoon nap .

If it fits, it ships.

@LilyAndOscar1 / Twitter

If I had a penny for every time my cat hunkered down in an empty box, I’d be rich. Who knew that empty cardboard boxes were what the cat really wanted for Christmas? This fella decided that he’d take up residence in this Amazon box, right after his human took her stuff out. She was going to recycle it, but it looks like the cat has already done that. Ah, home sweet home!