5 tips for keeping a friendly cat

It is true that cats of some breeds are more friendly than others, but that should not limit our choices, right? Because friends are not chosen by type, we are free to fall in love spontaneously and then make the kitten part of our family. There is nothing wrong with that, however – raising a pet is a responsibility, and just like with children, your approach to it will determine its character.

Below we will give you a few steps to help your cat feel good to develop his friendly nature. If you have a small kitten, it is good to start early – so as to raise a well-controlled friend who will bring joy to all. This is how:

It all starts with a gentle touch

Small and young cats are afraid when you do not touch them carefully. It is important to show goodwill and tenderness. If you prove to your pet that we humans are kind and can be trusted, he will seek our attention on his own.

Teach the cat to come to you when you call her by name

After a certain number of repetitions, these smart animals should have no problem recognizing their name. Teach them to respond to it, and when they do, reward them with a treat.

Cats that come to you on command are not shy and love people. If you teach yours to do so, it will respond when called by other people.


Introduce your kitten to a dog that is friendly

The smaller your cat is when you introduce her to a dog that is kind to her, the sooner she will learn that some of the barking four-legged can be pleasant company. Most purring puffins have a natural fear of dogs, while others have bad experiences with them. If you have a dog at home, socializing the cat will be easier, otherwise try to make friends with one that has nothing against kittens.

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Keep the kitten close to you

During the first few months of a kitten’s life, it is important to stay close to him and not leave him alone too often. These animals are independent by nature and this often makes them distant, but their social development must include games and a lot of attention. Invite friends to also communicate with your pet. In this way, when he grows up, he will not be afraid of other people’s attention, for him it will be something familiar.

Be loving to your cat

You are not expected to kiss her in any way, but cuddling can do wonders. Pull her close to you, gently caress her fur, take care of her as you would with a baby. When she realizes that communication with people is completely safe, she will trust you, which is the condition for a strong connection between you.

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