11 Dogs That Are Sleeping Like Angels.

We know you’ve heard of a cat nap, but did you know about the dog nap? Well, there’s definitely such a thing, and from what we’ve learned, dogs have absolutely no problem whatsoever taking a nap anywhere, in any position. If you don’t believe in dog naps, you will after you see these 11 wonderful dogs that sleep in angel ways.

He Could Be In The World Records For Longest Headstand

Imgur / ateart

Even though it’s covered by a puppy, there’s a shelf in the corner. It appears he thought it would be a wonderful place to take a nap, but as soon as he fell asleep, he slid right off of it and was too tired to fix himself. That’s why you see half of him on the shelf and half on the floor. All we wanna know is how he’s sleeping on his head like that. These next sleepy dogs looks way more comfortable than he does, that’s for sure.

No Need To Run

Flickr / normanack

If we’re being honest, most of us would rather sleep on a treadmill than run on it. It looks like this dog feels the same way. You would think that sleeping on such a hard surface would be uncomfortable, but it doesn’t seem to be bothering this pup one bit. His owner doesn’t mind, though, because it just means that he doesn’t have to run on it. So let’s be quiet, the pup is trying to sleep!

She Doesn’t Need A Bed, Just A Lap

Imgur / ateart

This dog decided to take a nap in her owner’s lap while they were driving. One look at her and you would think that’s she just a spoiled pup, but she’s actually pretty low maintenance when you think about where she decided to sleep. This pup has absolutely no care in the world as long as she gets to ride along with her mom and dad on a road trip. This pup is truly living the good life.

Table For A Nap … Please !

Flickr / Rui Fernandes

This pup was excited to be able to go to the coffee shop with her human, but she must have gotten really sleepy on the walk. While her human was busy enjoying his cup of coffee, she decided to lay down her head and close her eyes for a minute. She didn’t even need to find a seat, either. Her human’s lap works just fine! She wanted to make new friends, but she can’t even keep her eyes open.

Finally, I Found The Right Position !!

Imgur / ateart

This dog figured it would be a nice day to take a snooze on his outdoor bed, but it seems like he couldn’t quite figure out how to do that. It looks like he just didn’t bother finishing the climb up and just laid down in this uncomfortable looking position. He looks like he’s doing just fine, though. He’s really lucky that dogs don’t get stiff necks like humans do, or he’d be really sore.

You’re Not Leaving Without Me This Time

Flickr / Randy Robertson

This little girl absolutely did not want her human to leave on a trip for work, so she did the only thing that she could do: fall asleep in her mom’s suitcase. Her mom put some nice, freshly ironed clothes in there for her to lay on, so she’s pretty comfortable. There was no way her mom was leaving this time with that infamous suitcase. As long as she stays right there there’s no way her human can leave without her.

Now I Don’t Have To Worry About My Food.

Imgur / ateart

Have you ever been so tired you couldn’t even make it through dinner before falling asleep? It’s quite obvious that this pup is having trouble finishing his dinner, so he just climbed right on in for a nap. It’s honestly a pretty good idea. He’ll be able to look out for his dinner and be able to finish as soon as he wakes up! Since we’re talking about sleeping at the table, here’s another pup who did just that.

A Place To Lay His Head

Imgur / ateart

When it comes to a nice place to lay your head, this dog doesn’t really seem to care where, or what, it is, but he sure does think this footstool makes a great pillow. Maybe he just couldn’t get comfortable on the couch. Or maybe he’s waiting for the sound of the treat bag being opened. Or maybe he’s just being a goof. Regardless of why, at least he’s ready to pounce if anyone rings the doorbell.

The Best Ones Are The Stinky Ones

Imgur / ateart

If you’ve ever had a dog before, you’ve most likely seen them running around your house with one of your shoes hanging from his mouth. And if you’ve ever had a puppy, then you know the heartache of finding a chewed up shoe under the bed. But this little guy had no interest in destroying shoes. For him, a shoe is a great place to take a bit of a snooze. We’re not sure if he enjoys the smell of his human, or if he’s just too lazy to get up and move.

How Can that Possibly Be Comfortable?

Imgur / ateart

What a silly way to fall asleep! Where do we even start with this pup? Maybe he tried climbing down from the armrest, but didn’t quite make it all the way because he was just too sleepy to keep going. He must be friends with the next tired pup, who is obviously too lazy to find a better sleeping spot. Who needs a blanket to cover your face when you can just use a dresser?

No Worries At All

Pinterest / The Chive

This tiny dog is sound asleep. He’s sleeping so deeply that he can’t even manage to put that tongue of his back in his mouth! What else could a pup ask for? He has a nice warm house to live in, a huge, comfy pillow, and so much love from his human parents. We wonder what he’s dreaming about, but we think it’s safe to assume it’s something wonderful — like a plate of steak, just for him!