10 ways your dog can tell you “I love you”

People have been reading emotions in dogs for centuries. The way in which dogs develop human emotions and behavior has always been the subject of scientific research. Research shows that there are many ways in which dogs demonstrate their love.

 They look you in the eye

One of the ways dogs say “I love you” is to stare into your eyes. Scientists have found that by looking into our eyes, dogs develop strong emotional connections with humans, just as humans do when they look into each other’s eyes. This mode of communication is probably acquired by dogs during domestication, increasing oxytocin levels in dogs and their owners.

Gives your favorite toy

If your dog brings you his favorite toy, you can be sure that the love that your pet feels for you is strong and unconditional. Dogs keep their toys, bones and other chews very much. If your dog proudly offers you his toy or bone and even pushes it towards you, encouraging him to take it, it means that your pet trusts you, loves you and feels safe when you are close.

When you yawn, your dog also yawns

Recent studies show that both humans and dogs yawn contagiously, and those dogs that have a strong connection to their owners yawn with them. Because contagious yawning in humans is closely linked to empathy, some researchers believe that it can also occur in dogs. As scientists try to explain this phenomenon, you can do a simple test to see if your pet really loves you – just yawn and see what happens!

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He sleeps with you in the same bed

If your dog sleeps in your bed, it is a sign that your pet is loyal to you. Studies show that sleeping with a dog in bed or somewhere in the room can be comforting for some people and improve sleep performance in others.


He waves his tail

Waving the tail is like a special language that dogs use to talk to us. If the dog wags its tail, this can be interpreted in different ways. In any case, when he does this, the dog signals that he cares about you and is emotionally involved in everything that is happening around.

He raises his eyebrows and climbs

Scientists have found that dogs have much more facial movements when people look at them. These movements involve raising the eyebrows to make their eyes look bigger (to look better for people) and to stick out their tongue.

Approaching near you

Dogs are social animals by nature and they seek intimacy with humans. If your dog loves and believes in you, he will rely on you every time he seeks physical and emotional support. In other words, dogs approach you because they see in you those who can protect and comfort them.

Allows you to caress it

Another sign that proves your dog’s love and loyalty is when he allows you to touch his head, close your eyes and enjoy the process. In general, dogs do not like to be patted on the head and some of them may even perceive it as a threat. So if your dog allows you to do this, you are special to him.

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You are happy when you return home

Does your pet enjoy coming home from work?

This is one of the brightest signs of love and affection. Experiments show that reunion with a loved one has an extremely positive effect on dogs, increasing the level of oxytocin, a social hormone and lowering the level of cortisol, the stress hormone. So, seeing that their owner is finally back, the dog feels happy and safe.

In this article we told you about the most common ways in which dogs show their love, but dogs, like humans, are very different. Take a closer look at your pet’s behavior and you may notice the unique way your dog says “I love you!”

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