10 Tips To Help You Keep Your Cat Happy Will Make You Happy

Every cat owner’s heart melts at the sight.
Don’t ask what your cat can do for you (and don’t care anyway) – think about what you can do for your cat

As a cat lover, you naturally only want the best for your cat. Own window seat, scratch or fountain – you can do a lot to ensure that your four-legged friend will not be bored! Spending time and playing with your cat also contributes to a healthy and happy feline life. We have collected 10 tips on how you can make your cat happier. And even if she doesn’t thank you for it with wild tenderness (unlike a dog, for example), you can be sure that at least you haven’t slipped off your cat’s list of popularity. After all!

Be there for your cat

Although it is popular to say that cats are independent solitary animals, they will appreciate your presence and attention. In particular, domestic cats depend on someone being around and busy with them. So take regular time to play with your cat, wash it or just sit next to it.

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If you need to travel longer than a day or two, it’s best to hire someone you trust to drop by from time to time. This is better than accommodating them and is also cheaper. In addition, the same person should always take care of the animal if possible. This is the calmest way for everyone.

Offer many opportunities for climbing

Cats indoors should run around regularly and train their muscles to stay fit and healthy. How about a climbing tree on the wall, for example, that you can climb at any time, from which you can jump down and under which you can lie down and relax? There are many instructions for self-assembly, such as a rustic modern version as in this photo.

Make room next to the window

Domestic cats especially like to sit at the window and look outside. You can do this for hours. If the window with the best view is not easily accessible to your cat without help, you can, for example, build a wall shelf or seat at the height of the window, if necessary with an additional “jump aid”.

In order for your loved one to have enough to look at, you can hang a feather in front of the window, for example, or put a bowl for a bird bath in sight. If possible, open a window (with a mosquito net or safety net in front of it) so that your cat can apply some fresh air immediately.

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Allow unusual sleeping places

Whether they are in open drawers, cardboard boxes or cabinets – cats can (and want to) sleep anywhere. These unusual sleeping places also have the decisive advantage of being the cheapest option. So, instead of trying to drive your cat out of her unusually favorite place, you may just need to accept her, allow easy access, and make her as cozy as possible. You don’t have to buy anything new for this – a towel, a blanket or, as in my case, a little old cat, a pile of paper bags do the same (cats are idiosyncratic creatures …). This is how you show your animal: I will take care of you.

Get rid of poisonous plants and replace them with harmless species

A surprising number of common houseplants and cut flowers are toxic to cats, including amaryllis, aloe vera, most species of lilies, common ivy and philodendron. You should definitely ban them from your household. The German Animal Welfare Association publishes on its website a list of poisonous pet plants;

But because plants create a pleasant atmosphere, create a healthy environment, and cats love greenery, you definitely do something good for yourself and your pets when as many (harmless) specimens decorate your home as possible. For example, provide your four-legged friend with catnip that he can bite at any time. You are also safe with rubber trees, sword ferns and most palm trees. The more, the better – your cat will definitely feel like a small big cat in the jungle.

Turn your terrace into a paradise for cats

Even if you have a garden, it is sometimes a good idea not to let your cat walk for free – for your own safety and the protection of local birds. A great option is your own terrace or balcony. You can turn this into a small enclosure for cats with little effort.

The example in the photo shows a variant that a couple built themselves, for 16 needy cats, for which there was simply too little space in the house. Cat lovers have equipped the small, protected outdoor area with ramps, steps, sunbathing, harmless plants and even a small pond.

Rely on water characteristics

Cats are usually considered water-shy – at least when it comes to getting completely wet or immersed in water. Otherwise, however, they actually find the water quite interesting. To make your cat happy, you can create small areas of water here and there in the house, for example by filling bowls or sturdy glasses with water or – a little more complicated – in the form of a wall fountain placed close to the floor, as shown here.

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Another great option are large clay bowls on a stand that you can fill with water and aquatic plants suitable for cats. Your kitten will definitely like this! In addition, small crossroads like to use everything possible as a drinker, but not the bowl, which is specially designed for them. So don’t be surprised if your cat prefers your water glass or flower vase to a drinking bowl – they’re just a lot more interesting.

Provide scratch options

Cats like to scratch widely. Therefore, you (better: your cat should) should try one or the other material until the perfect solution is found. The most popular are corrugated cardboard, rope or carpet made of natural fibers. A particularly nice option is a scratch on which the expensive animal can climb at the same time and which also fits into your interior, like the models from Pet Fusion in the photo. If your cats can’t stop scratching your furniture, it’s best to cover the affected furniture with a blanket when you leave the house.

Set up a locked waste bin

Are you tired of carrying cat trash around the house? Of course, you can’t avoid any clutter in the house, but you can minimize the problem of cat litter so that everyone, including your cat, is happier. When cats do business, they like to be undisturbed (and we shouldn’t just watch them).

The best thing to do is to put the rubbish bin in a cupboard (the entrance should be the size of a cat) – then everyone will benefit from it. In addition, cat litter will generally remain where it belongs. If you place a mat directly in front of the entrance, most of the bedding remains from the paws and cannot be further distributed around the house.

Keep in mind that cats are also getting older

As cats get older, it is perfectly normal for them to become less active and have less appetite. However, you need to look closely, because personality changes of this kind can also be signs of illness. In order for your cat to stay healthy in old age, you should always monitor its habits and behavior, and if in doubt, it is better to visit the veterinarian again. For example, if you have problems with chewing, your hair looks dull and brittle, you drink more or less than usual, you withdraw more often, or you suddenly have severe bad breath, this may mean a disease that needs treatment. No cat likes to go to the vet, but still register regularly – this is part of the process.

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