10 Hairloss Prevention Foods You Never Knew Can Help

Hair loss. Is there anything that yells AGE louder than a receding hair line? May wrinkles, but it is probably a close tie. The single most common cause of hair loss is genetics. You can’t change your genes, but you may be able to improve or slow your hair loss.

If your body is missing important vitamins and other compounds, your hair may fall out, look dull, or get brittle.

Making changes to your diet can help you to slow or even stop non-genetically caused hair loss. Plus, you will feel and look better, so it is a win-win proposition.

You are going to love some of the food on this list, so read on!


1. Vitamin A

Foods rich in Vitamin A tend to be rich in beta-carotenes. Eating for your hair will be good for your body in general. Beta-carotene is good for eyesight, immunity, and helps to prevent cancer.

To increase your beta-carotene intake, focus on orange food. Carrots, sweet potatoes, winter squash and our old friend, spinach are high in beta-carotene.

Focus on eating foods raw (when appropriate) because the cooking process will decrease the amount of beta-carotene in the food

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