10 Foods You Should Never Eat on Travel

Americans tend to be paranoid about germs and because of that, American guts are sensitive to travel tummy. Getting food poisoning or hosting a strange family of bacteria along with your body’s usual ones can make your trip a misery. You’ll intimately discover the joys of international restrooms (keep a few coins handy – you’ll need them), and you may even get to visit a local hospital or pharmacy.

You can still enjoy a great trip by avoiding these 11 foods while you explore the US and the world. Just be aware of where your next meal is coming from.


1. Sauces

Sauces can hide undercooked or low-quality meat and may contain contaminated water, local herbs and spices of dubious nature, and raw eggs. Eat sauces only if they are steaming hot and thoroughly cooked.

Be aware that super spicy food is a laxative. Add that to some under cooked meat or eggs, contaminated water, or unpeeled chilis and you may have a truly memorable vacation as you tour the restrooms and outhouses along the way.

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